Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accreditation is a voluntary program designed to help businesses that are manufacturing their textiles, clothing and/or footwear in Australia navigate their legal obligations. It does so by mapping local supply chains and verifying that all workers are receiving their legal entitlements.


Steps to Accreditation

Getting Started


Contact Ethical Clothing Australia and we will talk you through what accreditation means for your business and supply chain (if applicable) and what the independent audit involves. If you are not sure of your legal obligations, we can provide you with resources to assist. Have a look at our Accreditation Guidelines for frequently asked questions and information on what’s involved.



Complete The Documentation


You must sign Ethical Clothing Australia’s Code of Practice (Manufacturers Agreement) and complete Ethical Clothing Australia’s Fee and Manufacturing Form as the first step. Once both documents have been received, you will be invoiced for your application fee.



Compliance Audit Commences


Once the application fee has been paid, you will have formally opened an application for accreditationand the compliance audit process can commence. ECA is here to assist you through the process, as is outlined in Ethical Clothing Australia’s Accreditation Guidelines. We also have a variety of tools to assist.



Accreditation Complete


After the compliance audit is completed as required under Ethical Clothing Australia’s Code of Practice (Manufacturers Agreement) then your application is forwarded for final approval to ECA’s committee of management. We look forward to welcoming you as a leader in your industry and as part the community!