Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accreditation is a voluntary program designed to help businesses that are manufacturing their textiles, clothing and/or footwear in Australia navigate their legal obligations. It does so by mapping local supply chains and verifying that all workers are receiving their legal entitlements.


Steps to Accreditation

Getting Started

Contact Ethical Clothing Australia.

We will walk you through the initial application process as per ECA’s Accreditation Guidelines, including completing your application form and fee form.

You’ll be invoiced for your application fee. We offer discounted fees for new businesses and sole traders.

Once the fee has been paid, you will have formally opened an application for accreditation with ECA.

We’ll provide you with resources, such as the ECA Award Guide, to assist you to run your business legally and ethically under the Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Associated Industries Award (TCFAI Award).

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Checking Compliance

We’ll forward your details on to a Compliance Officer. We have a service level agreement with the Textile Clothing & Footwear Union of Australia (TCFUA) who complete all compliance audits for accreditation.

They’ll work collaboratively with you and your local supply chain to make sure all workers’ pay and entitlements are correct and that you comply with the Award.

We will assist you throughout the accreditation process.

Audits are carried out annually to ensure ethical standards are maintained.


Gaining Accreditation

Once your accreditation has been approved, your brand will be featured on our website and social platforms.

The ECA Licensing Agreement, once signed, allows accredited businesses to use our logo to promote their accreditation on swing tags, clothing labels and other promotional material for their Australian made products.

ECA accreditation is renewed annually.


Contact Ethical Clothing Australia

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