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If your business outsources manufacturing to homeworkers or contractors in the Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) industry in Australia, there are a number of legal obligations that need to be met under the TCFAI Award 2020 and other current legislation. The following resources have been developed by Ethical Clothing Australia to assist businesses to understand and navigate their legal obligations.

The Award

The Award refers to the Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Associated Industries Award 2020. The following resources contain a copy of the Award and further information in relation to the Award.

Boards Of Reference

Boards of Reference are established under the Award and are chaired by the Fair Work Commission. Businesses who give out work are required to be registered with the relevant Board of Reference for their state.

Written Agreements

A written agreement must be put in place when any work is given out to a contractor or outworker.

Work Records

Work Records (often referred to as a Garment Specification Sheet) contain details about the work involved when giving out to a contractor or outworker.

Accreditation Toolkit

This is the updated version of the Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation toolkit. This document has been relaunched to give further explanation of Ethical Clothing Australia’s amount of manufacturing classifications and to provide businesses with clear and detailed information on how to maximise their accreditation.

It contains more information than the previous toolkit, including how to apply the Ethical Clothing Australia trade mark according to your business’s amount of manufacturing classification, details about Ethical Clothing Australia’s social media policy and how to use the trade mark on swing tags and other marketing materials.

If you have any queries about these documents or how these apply to your business, please contact us via the button below.