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Why get accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia?

What are the benefits of accreditation?

An Ethical Clothing Australia, accreditation not only demonstrates to your customers that your business is committed to supporting the local Australian textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) industry, but also that your supply chain is transparent and ethical from design to dispatch.

An Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation shows that your business values the people that make your products. It means that no matter where they work, or where they work in the supply chain, you have had third-party checks undertaken to ensure compliance with the relevant Australian workplace laws.

By being accredited you are contributing to a stronger, more ethical industry in Australia.

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Show that you value workers

By getting accredited, you are demonstrating that your business values the people who make your products. It means that no matter where a worker is in the supply chain, you have had third-party checks undertaken to ensure compliance with the relevant Australian workplace laws.

Join the Women’s Leadership Network

Approximately 77% of Australian TCF workers identify as female, but women are overrepresented in issues including poor working conditions, exploitation and unequal pay. The Women's Leadership Network gives women and gender diverse people working in accredited businesses within Victoria the opportunity to meet, connect, learn and collaborate.

Be visible to retail & procurement managers

Ethical Clothing Australia connects your business with relevant government procurement and retail opportunities. Many businesses have secured government tenders through their Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation.

Prove that your products are made in Australia

Just because a product is made in Australia, it doesn't mean that it has been made ethically. A major benefit of accreditation is the use of the certification trade mark that allows customers to know that the TCF product that they are purchasing has been manufactured locally through an ethical supply chain.

Take part in Ethical Clothing Australia Week

Being accredited means that your business can take part in Ethical Clothing Australia Week, which is run annually. This week puts a focus on locally and ethically made TCF products and the people who make them and includes a series of events that accredited businesses can get involved in.

Manage risks & protect your business

Ethical Clothing Australia assists you in managing the risks associated with supply chains, particularly if you are outsourcing. Not only is there great value in third-party compliance and supply chain management for TCF workers, it can also be used to manage brand reputation risk as public awareness of unethical business practices builds.

Receive industry training & workshops

When it comes to Australian labour laws, businesses need to ensure they are up-to-date with their obligations. As part of the accreditation process, you will also work collaboratively with Compliance Officers from the TCF Union and be guided through your responsibilities. Ethical Clothing Australia also runs workshops and education sessions in a range of areas to help businesses get ahead of the crowd.

Network with other accredited businesses

Where possible, Ethical Clothing Australia tries to assist accredited businesses with their manufacturing relationships. Being part of the Ethical Clothing Australia community means it can be easier to find local manufacturers or value adders that will meet your needs. If you are a manufacturer, you will also be promoted to potential clients looking for new suppliers - it’s a win-win!

Promote your ethical production

In a highly competitive industry, customers have access to products at any price point and they can be overwhelmed with choice. Being Ethical Clothing Australia accredited gives you the opportunity to differentiate your business and appeal to a growing ethical customer base.
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What are the marketing benefits of Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation?

When your business becomes accredited, you will instantly access a range of marketing benefits from Ethical Clothing Australia. The team at Ethical Clothing Australia will work with you to maximise your accreditation and demonstrate to your customers that you are ethically and locally made.


Access a free one-on-one marketing call

When you get accredited, you will have the opportunity to meet with an Ethical Clothing Australia marketing team member and learn how to best promote your accreditation.

Business listing on the Ethical Clothing Australia website

You will receive a customisable listing to help consumers and businesses discover your business. This listing includes an image, bio and link to your website and social platforms, and appears on the Shop Ethically and/or Find An Ethical Manufacturer pages.

Newsletter feature

Upon accreditation and at each annual reaccreditation, your business will receive a mention in the monthly Ethical Clothing Australia consumer and business newsletters. You will also have the opportunity to include your upcoming events in these newsletters, outside of your regular annual feature.

Invitations to events and networking opportunities

Ethical Clothing Australia regularly invites accredited businesses to participate in and attend events run by Ethical Clothing Australia, as well as industry events including fashion festivals and exhibitions.

Promote your special initiatives and events

The Ethical Clothing Australia team works to promote upcoming events and special initiatives run by accredited businesses on social media and in Ethical Clothing Australia's monthly newsletters. The team will work to support your work, and attend events where possible.

Social post announcing your accreditation

You will receive a social media post that features your business to the Ethical Clothing Australia audience across Instagram, Facebook, X and LinkedIn. This post will contain content provided by you, including images or video, a link to your social channels and information about your business.

Access to the exclusive business newsletter

Upon accreditation, your team will gain access to the monthly Ethical Clothing Australia business newsletter. This newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the latest industry news, grants and opportunities.

Procurement and retail recognition

The Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation is highly regarded by procurers and retail buyers in the local industry. The accreditation will open your business to tender opportunities for the procurement of uniforms, workwear and PPE for government departments and other organisations.

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