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Ethical Underwear and Lingerie Brands

Underwear is a staple within any wardrobe, so why wouldn’t you opt for the very best? We understand that selecting underwear is a very personal choice and with Ethical Clothing Australia’s range of accredited underwear and lingerie brands, you can be sure to find incredible brands that meet your needs.

The best bit is that the ECA accreditation means these brands value their garment workers, pay them the correct wages and entitlements and ensure that they’re working in safe conditions, according to Australian workplace laws.

More brands are using the terms ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ within their marketing efforts, which makes consumers ask the question “what does it mean to be sustainable and/or ethical?”. It is crucial for consumers to be able to distinguish between the brands that are greenwashing (i.e. conveying a false message about the brand being environmentally friendly) to those who truly are making a positive impact within the fashion industry.

So, what should consumers be looking for when searching for an ethical fashion brand? When it comes to the term ‘ethical’ there are many interpretations of what being ethical truly means. For some companies, ethical is used in relation to their fabrics, i.e.  sustainable fabrics, recycled materials, etc. While these elements are beneficial and important, being an ethical brand for Ethical Clothing Australia relates to the way brands treat their garment workers – those people who make your clothes!

ECA’s mission is to “protect the rights of both local factory-based workers and outworkers”, where local textile, clothing and footwear industry workers are paid appropriately, receive all of their legal entitlements and have safe working conditions.

ECA thanks you for taking the time to research and choosing an ethical brand for your next underwear purchase.

What does ‘ethical’ underwear and lingerie mean?

These underwear and lingerie brands have been accredited by ECA. This means that the manufacturing of these underwear brands has undergone an audit – from the design phase to pattern making and all the way through dispatch – and the pay, entitlements and safety conditions of the workers involved have been checked. ECA’s accreditation process involves annual compliance audits of these labels to ensure companies stay up to date, keeping workers’ rights protected.

Why shop for ethical underwear?

Purchasing from an ECA accredited underwear or lingerie brand means you can be confident that your decision protects and upholds the rights of Australia garment workers in every step of the manufacturing supply chain.

In our experience, brands that care about their workers, care about each detail in making high-quality garments, making for an all-round better investment for you. And who wouldn’t want to purchase undies that are made to last and make a positive impact?

What items of ethical underwear can I buy?

Whether you are wanting organic basics, thermals, cosy singlets, silky knickers, flattering bralettes, super comfy boxer-briefs, eco intimates or perhaps are looking for something a bit more slinky and special, ECA’s range of accredited underwear and lingerie brands has got you covered. ECA’s accredited brands provide a comprehensive selection of fabrics, with the range including hemp, European lace, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, organic bamboo and super soft merino (and much more!). There’s certainly ethical underwear to suit every material preference and mood.

If you’re interested in discovering and supporting other ethical fashion brands you may also like to shop ethical swimwear, ethical activewear and ethical bags and wallets, all of which are ECA accredited.