If you are looking to have clothing or footwear made in Australia, there are various local manufacturing opportunities available. The following manufacturers are ECA accredited.

Babies and Children

Bags and Accessories

Basics, sleepwear and underwear

Branded apparel

Face Masks

Footwear and Hats



Outdoor, sports, swimwear and activewear



Value Adding Services


Womenswear Size 14+

Workwear, protective clothing and uniforms

If you are looking to have TCF products made onshore, there are various local manufacturing opportunities available. The manufacturers accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia can be found on our website listing . Ethical Clothing Australia is not in a position to make direct referrals to individual manufacturers unless we are able to ensure fair and legal procedures are being followed within the framework of the ECA accreditation program. This is due to the diverse and changing nature of supply chains the fact that our organisation exits to aid and support businesses that are prepared to undertake a third-party verification to demonstrate that they are compliant with the relevant Australian workplace laws. If your business is currently making clothing, footwear or textiles in Australia or going to commence soon, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss what ECA accreditation might look like for your brand or label.