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Sample Room

Sample Room

Operating out of their light-filled Collingwood workroom, Sample Room develops and manufactures all types of clothing and non-wearable textile products. The team at Sample Room also offer pattern making, sampling, grading, markers, detailed specs, tech packs and manufacturing (principally to development clients).

While full development is their speciality, Sample Room does also offer digitising, grading and marker services as a stand-alone service for those who have manual patterns utilising the latest technologies.

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Amount Made In Australia

Sample Room is proudly 100% made in Australia and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Cut Make Trim (CMT), Marking/Grading, Maker - Knit, Maker - Woven, Pattern Maker, Samples, Swimwear.

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Knitted, Wovens, Jersey, Lycra, Silk