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Established in 2021, CHAMANI is the eponymous label of designer Chamani Weerasekara focusing on conscious luxury that is committed to a greater purpose.

CHAMANI collections are inspired by the colours of nature and honours the elements, with every detail thoughtfully curated and sourced with people and planet in mind. They feature sustainably sourced, custom fabrics such as Ikat – hand-dyed and hand-woven textiles that are slow-made by talented artisans over weeks to months, using ancient techniques passed down through generations.

Each collection is a dedication to women with timeless, versatile “forever pieces” that celebrate and honour the ever-evolving feminine silhouette. Each CHAMANI style honours it’s maker and is named after one of the women at her partner charities.

Amount Made In Australia

The majority of CHAMANI'S products are proudly made in Australia and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

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