Yoga and activewear
Womenswear and menswear

Yogiic passionately believes in the power of yoga and what its practice can bring to your life. The business was born out of a true desire to bring the energy of yoga to more people. They believe that yoga is a sensory journey and interlacing with the right clothing can help enhance that experience.

Proudly crafted in Brisbane, Australia, Yogiic has secured the latest technology to ensure a perfect cut. Combined with their commitment to use the highest quality fabric, they create purpose-designed clothing where the garments feel like an extension of your body. Their focus is on sustainability and ethical practices and they are constantly striving to improve their supply chains.

The styling is based on bringing pure beauty to the fore, allowing you to feel good in yourself, finding your own sense of grace. Yogiic is more than just being a clothing company. It is an innate connection with the journey of yoga creating a community for both teachers and students. They are Yogiic in mind, body and spirit and want to be part of your journey to find that too.


Note: All Australian Made Yogiic products are ECA accredited