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Markit Apparel

Markit Apparel

Markit Apparel is one of the leading computer apparel CAD service in Melbourne. A complete understanding of both garment design and manufacturing enables a broad range of services including pattern design, grading, marking and detailed technical packages. Their state of the art computer systems allows clients the quick response time necessary in today's ever changing market. And with the ability to import and export files into other formats, they are able to extend our services to companies just needing help with overflow work. The core of their work is Digitising, Grading, Maker Making, Pattern Card cutting and plotting for local designers.

Amount Made In Australia

Markit Apparel is proudly 100% made in Australia and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Do not manufacture TCF products - value-adding services only

Value Adding Capabilities

Marking/Grading, Made to Measure, Pattern Maker, Pattern Digitising

Minimum Order Quantity

500 Units


Knitted, Wovens, Heavy-weight, Jersey, Silk, Industrial