Published on 24/05/19

Light, warm and breathable, wool is one of the most versatile fibres used in apparel. It’s also the most reused and recycled major apparel fibre on the planet, making wool a sustainable choice for clothing. With Wool Week celebrating the very best wool and wool-rich apparel from 20-26 May, it’s the perfect time to spotlight some of our ECA-accredited manufacturers who are using this fibre. Humphrey Law Socks is the third of our three manufacturers embracing wool.


Since it was first founded by Sidney Humphrey and Albert Law back in 1947, sock makers Humphrey Law have used quality materials because they’re committed to making socks that really last.


“Humphrey Law has used wool from the beginning as it is ideal for socks. It has good insulation so that it is warm in winter and cool in summer, breathable and doesn’t smell or shrink. It also has high impact resistance compared to cotton and rayon, so it is ideal for those who are on their feet all day,” says Managing Director Rob Law (son of Albert).


“The most important move the founders of Humphrey Law made in 1947 was to provide our customers with socks that were good value for money and high quality.”


Humphrey Law Socks purchases its wool from a group of farmers in Boorowa, New South Wales. This means that they are supporting Australian farmers and are also ensuring the wool is sourced from graziers that are sensitive to animal welfare.


Humphrey Law Socks gained ECA accreditation in 2013 as part of the process of tendering (successfully) to manufacture combat socks for the Department of Defence. The business has come to value the annual ECA accreditation program and uses the associated trademark on its products.


“Being ECA accredited means that we are regularly audited to ensure our staff are being treated and paid correctly. Our approach must be working as the average length of stay for a Humphrey Law Socks employee is 14 years,” adds Rob.


The payoff of having happy staff, says Rob, is that they care about their work, and take care to ensure every sock that is made in the Humphrey Law factory undergoes the best quality control at every stage of the production process.


Although the factory has undergone considerable expansion (it is now larger and has 357 solar panels on the roof), Humphrey Law Socks operates out of the same factory in Heathmont about 30 kilometres out of Melbourne that the original founders built for the company back in the late 1940s.




Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA®) is a proud supporter of Wool Week 2019, being held from May 20-26 in Melbourne.


Further information about tickets, events and speakers is available online at woolmark.com or on Facebook.



Business type: Brand/Manufacturer

Location: Heathmont, Victoria

Launched in: 1947

Accredited since: 2013

Website: humphreylaw.com.au

Social media: facebook.com/ humphreylawsocks

Instagram.com/ Humphrey_law_socks