Published on 05/10/18

PandaBabyEthical Clothing Australia (ECA®) welcomes Panda Baby as a new accreditation, expanding ECA’s range of businesses making ethical clothing for babies and children.


Made in Melbourne with conscious production practices and a focus on minimalist design, Panda Baby’s goal is to help consumers build a functional wardrobe for their babies and children, and to invest in sustainable fashion. All garments are made in director/designer Julia A’Vard’s home-based studio in Melbourne using ethical and sustainable materials.

“People are often asking me about clothing for babies and children,so we are always to excited to see more ethical options available for parents and carers of small children,” ECA National Manager Angela Bell said.


“Panda Baby shows that ethical clothing can be for everyone in the family.”

Ethical Clothing Australia’s accreditation is focussed on ensuring that local textile, clothing and footwear workers are being paid appropriately, receiving all their legal minimum entitlements and working in safe conditions throughout the entire supply chain.

“The range of brands accredited with ECA include everyone from local designers and makers to national retailers and manufacturers, giving Australian shoppers a choice when it comes to their clothing needs,” Ms Bell said.