Published on 13/08/18


Sydney-based bespoke textile label Margot Design is the latest business to become accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA®).

Working with ethical Sydney suppliers of luxury natural fibres, internationally recognised textile designer Margot Warre creates quality scarves, beach throws and wraps offering fresh interpretations of quintessential Australian experiences.

By becoming accredited, Margot Design is showing that the value the people who make their products, but they can now use the Ethical Clothing Australia label to show customers that they have undergone an independent certification and compliance check.

“Margot Design brings a unique offering to Australian consumers who want to buy beautiful locally made products, but also ethically made products,” ECA National Manager Angela Bell said.

“Margot’s commitment to making in Australia and support of other businesses in the local textile industry is at the heart of what ECA does.”

Margot Warre has intentionally kept all production locally, helping to keep the design culture alive and important creative opportunities available. Each design is a bit about Margot and her home of Sydney.