Published on 19/06/19

Love Linen was founded by designer Helen Atcheson, who started the brand out of a passion for local, sustainable and ethically made clothing.


Based in and inspired by the town of Broome in Western Australia, their clothing is designed for the Australian climate and lifestyle.


Linen being the world’s oldest natural fibre, is known for its durability. According to Love Linen, the fibre is 35% stronger than cotton, making it a more superior and longer lasting fabric.


By using linen to create a collection of high quality, comfortable and stylish essentials, Love Linen hope to help spread the slow fashion movement throughout the fashion industry.


Crucial to this, the brand only makes in short production runs, to ensure less excess stock and waste in their manufacturing.


“We are forever continuing to strive towards more earth friendly and conscious ways of production,” says Helen.


Love Linen also have a strong focus on manufacturing ethically and locally, which is why they prioritised becoming accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.


ECA’s National Manager Angela Bell welcomed another Western Australian brand to the accreditation program.


“With an ever-increasing interest in ethical fashion it is great to have more options for people wanting to support local, ethical brands,” Angela said.


“Love Linen is bringing something unique by offering a fashionable clothing range that suits Australia’s varied climate and a love of the outdoors lifestyle.”


“We commend Love Linen on creating a business based on ethical foundations – by valuing the people who are making the garments and protecting their rights.”