Published on 17/12/19

ECA welcomes Melbourne-based fashion brand Lois Hazel to its accreditation program.


Lois Hazel was launched in March 2015 by designer Lois McGruer-Fraser. The RMIT graduate felt that transparency in the fashion industry was uncommon and she wanted to run her business differently.


“I wanted to take people on the journey with me in how my garments are made, the process I go through in designing them. I wanted to celebrate the people who helped me get from my initial sketch to the final product, as running a fashion brand is definitely not a one woman show,” says Lois.


Lois Hazel is committed to sustainable and ethical practices. Offering 100% transparency on sourcing and production for each element of their garments, with all craftsmanship completed either in house or by a network of local seamstresses.


“I also wanted to make sure that the pieces I created were bringing a positive impact on the planet and the people, in no way did I want to exploit, abuse or take what didn’t belong to me. I made a commitment that I would always do the best that I could within my means, and as I grew and got bigger, I would make changes that would allow myself to do better.”


Each collection incorporates dead stock, organic and traceable fabrics to ensure to minimise waste and carry out this commitment to a more sustainable industry.


The garments are made using natural fibres such as flax, cotton and hemp, and surplus fabrics that were destined for landfill. Considered design details offer multifunctional wardrobe pieces that feel luxurious and comfortable, taking the Lois Hazel women through seasons, climates and style pursuits.


Lois believes that the business will always be evolving to continue improving. “Lois Hazel isn’t perfect, and I don’t think it ever will be, but it’s the journey I am on that I think is the most important!”


Quotes attributable to National Manager, Angela Bell


“The Lois Hazel brand is a great addition to the accreditation program, as a well-known Melbourne designer with ethical and sustainable values Lois is leading the way in changing the face and look of Australian fashion production.”


“Lois Hazel’s ECA accreditation is testament to her commitment to transparency in their supply chain and genuine care for the workers and their craft.”


As part of the accreditation announcement, ECA National Manager was interviewed for Lois Hazel’s online journal and you can read more from here https://loishazel.com/blogs/news/angela-bell-from-ethical-clothing-australia.