Welcome Kangan Institute Textile & Fashion Hub

Published on 25/03/20

Students and fashion businesses can now manufacture garments at Kangan Institute’s Textile and Fashion Hub with complete confidence that their products are being made in a transparent and ethical manner.


Kangan Institute is now accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA), which confirms that employees at its Textile and Fashion Hub are being paid appropriately, have received all legal minimum entitlements and work in safe workplaces throughout the entire supply chain.


Based at Richmond campus, the hub supports students, aspiring designers and small to medium fashion businesses with services like production and sampling of knitwear.


The accreditation process involved an independent compliance audit of Kangan Institute’s Textile and Fashion Hub, including a review with employees.


Ethical clothing, production and sustainability principles are a significant part of fashion courses at Kangan Institute, with ethical and sustainable projects incorporated into regular training curriculum and on showcase at various fashion events.


Kangan Institute CEO Sally Curtain said the latest ECA accreditation was good news for both students and industry.


“Kangan Institute’s Textile and Fashion Hub and our fashion courses at Richmond campus are closely aligned with ethical and sustainable design principles so we can support our students and industry clients as they work towards a positive fashion future,” she said.


“Accreditation by Ethical Clothing Australia is a fantastic endorsement of our ethical and sustainable ethos.


“The slow fashion movement, which calls for greater social and environmental responsibility in design and production, is gaining momentum globally.


“ECA’s accreditation gives our students and other hub users the confidence that their garments are being created with quality in mind and in a fair manner, and this adds value to the products they make.”


ECA National Manager welcomed Kangan Institute’s Textile and Fashion Hub’s to the accreditation program.


“The hub has joined more than 100 businesses around the country that not only have the expertise and skills to make locally but are willing to demonstrate a commitment to their employees by taking part in the program and our audits,” she said.

“At the heart of what we do is protect and uphold the rights of workers in the local industry because these workers are often more vulnerable and often part of a hidden workforce. By taking part Kangan Institute is contributing to a more ethical and transparent industry.


“We know there’s growing interest in ethical fashion and clothing and so it’s great to have more manufacturers that are accredited with ECA for those wanting to work with ethical makers.”


Known for specialising in whole garment knitwear, digital placement printing, embroidery and laser cutting, Kangan Institute’s Textile and Fashion Hub services are available to fashion students at the institute. It also works with local fashion businesses on their production and sampling needs.


Recent projects at the facility include creation of merino wraps with ECA-accredited label Allora Capes and merino, mohair and alpaca garments with Melbourne-based knitwear label Francie.


You can find out more about Kangan Institute at kangan.edu.au