Published on 21/09/18

JD3CrEthical Clothing Australia (ECA®) is pleased to announce Melbourne label Justice Denim as its newest accredited business, joining a growing list of brands and manufacturers committed to ethical production.


Founded by TV stylist Debora Schultz, Justice Denim specialises in the design and production of a range of ethically, locally and responsibly designed premium denim apparel, with a conscience.

Underpinned by their vision to break the cycle of child slavery, proceeds from each Justice Denim garment’s sale go toward projects to end child sexual exploitation and slavery through a collaboration with not-for-profit organisation Destiny Rescue.

“Justice Denim is another example of an ECA accredited brand with a commitment to social justice as one of its founding principles,” ECA National Manager Angela Bell said.


“Recognising that this commitment starts with who is making their garments, how and where, is a crucial part of creating a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry.”


Justice Denim’s decision to manufacture their garments in Australia is part of a tri-fold responsible design ethos: ethically manufactured and accredited, hand-crafted for quality, and sustainably made to reduce waste.