Published on 26/09/19

After taking a break to move last year, Iole Lingerie and Thinksideways are welcomed back to Ethical Clothing Australia’s accreditation program.


Iole Lingerie is a Melbourne based luxury lingerie brand with production entirely in-house. Thinksideways is the manufacturing arm of the business and is a highly specialised lingerie manufacturer.


With a workshop in Collingwood, Melbourne and over 30 industrial machines, Thinksideways provides services to many brands that are making in Australia. The studio has an extensive machine list covering all the needs of lingerie, swimwear and intimate apparel production.


The business offers high quality product development, sampling and small production for Australian brands with no minimum order quantity. This is a significant advantage for small brands looking to establish themselves.


Iole Lingerie and Thinksideways Founder, Jason Reason, has had extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and selling lingerie, with more than 20 years in the industry.


Having worked in Australia and internationally for major lingerie retailers in a range of business and operations roles, Jason felt he needed to return to his creative design roots, and this is how Iole Lingerie was created.


Iole Lingerie is about slow fashion, timeless style and truly beautiful lingerie that does not date. The brand creates luxury and bespoke pieces, handmade in their local atelier, for discerning women around the world.


Jason describes his creative process for Iole as an art project, creating new and limited-edition pieces on an ongoing basis.


“We will sell out of special pieces, because we want to move forward and we also deliberately source limited availability materials, so once it’s gone, that’s it,” says Jason.


Focussed on the highest quality, without compromise, Iole uses mostly European laces in their lingerie and recycled materials for its swimwear.


Iole sells lingerie online and through selective retailers across the globe.


“It is great that after a short break Iole Lingerie and Thinksideways are part of the accreditation program again as there is a high demand for local, ethical and specialised lingerie manufacturers and brands,” says ECA National Manager, Angela Bell.


“Thinksideways’ machinery and capabilities for the production of lingerie, swimwear and intimate apparel is a great asset to the Australian manufacturing industry.”