Published on 18/03/16


Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) is excited to announce the launch of its new website. This interactive platform encourages greater transparency throughout local supply chains, and seeks to help businesses better understand their legal obligations towards workers when manufacturing in Australia.

It walks businesses through the ECA accreditation process, and offers up-to-date resources and industry training as a way of promoting ethical production and supply chain management as an integral part of business. By working collaboratively with Australian businesses, unions and promoting onshore manufacturing opportunities, ECA hopes to see the future of the Australian textile, clothing and footwear industry as one that values the fair treatment of workers, transparency, third-party compliance and ethical business practices.

The new website is also tailored to help consumers develop a deeper understanding of the ECA accreditation and labelling system, and provide them with a way to identify and support ethically made Australian textile, clothing and footwear products. This new platform assists those wanting to support local industry and buy ethically made, high quality products by linking them to ECA accredited brands. View ECA’s accredited brand directory here.

ECA hopes that this new platform will help consumers find locally made ethical products, link businesses with local makers, and ultimately bring industry together so that it can work towards a more ethical, transparent and sustainable future.