Published on 10/11/14

Interview with designer, Amy Roberts.

Vege Thread’s Australian made collection is launching soon, can you tell us a bit about the collection?

The SS14/15 collection has developed a raw aesthetic embracing a durable and unique style containing a range of everyday basics; embracing taupe, whites, indigo and stripes. The products include a variety of t-shirts, tanks and dresses. The materials and dyes used in the Australian made production are also all made here in Melbourne.

Why have you decided to move your production onshore?

Each collection I look for ways to improve the transparency and sustainability of the brand. There are numerous areas that need attention when having a conscious label, including social, environmental and economic impact. I felt as though moving onshore addressed all areas much more thoroughly in terms of and enabling accreditation, overseeing processes, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local industry.

You use 100% organic textiles in your designs; why is this important to you?

The materials I use are a really important focus for me and in turn, Vege Threads. Firstly, because I believe it’s important to support industries supplying more ethical alternatives (i.e organic cotton farming) but also because I want to address the health issues related to toxic dyes and petroleum based synthetic fabrics.

What made you decide to become accredited with ECA?

When choosing to move my production onshore, it was important to ensure that all workers, even those in Australia, were receiving a fair wage and working in safe conditions.

Do you think more consumers are beginning to look for more ethical clothing option?

Yes, I think that consumers are slowly becoming more mindful of their choices. There is a small shift with the awareness of ethics in the industry, after past (tragic) events. I think more people want to know who and where their clothing is being made. Supporting good feels good and I think it’s a real positive chain reaction when ‘ethics’ become implemented into people’s buying choices.

What’s next for Vege Threads? Any exciting things in the works?

We are currently working with a local shoemaker who works with sustainable/ethical kangaroo leather and vegetable tan to bring a summer sandal to the new collection. You can view it on our website under the collaboration section. But there are some other new collabs in the pipelines too!