Published on 03/10/16

The following testimonials were originally published in the Australian Fashion Chamber’s ‘Ethical Fashion 101’ business handbook.


“I am committed to a sustainable, ethical business practice and being accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia is pivotal to this. Every single Bianca Spender garment is made in Sydney. I meet with my design and production team daily and we work together to look at how we can achieve the best result. I love how I learn from them and they learn from me, it is constant exchange of knowledge. My studio is above the cutting room and my time is split between the design studio and production. I am very passionate about maintaining local manufacturing; we develop skills, provide jobs and stay connected with everyone who works with our product. All of this is central to maintaining the best quality.”


“By being predominantly Australian made, and with all designs and samples originating from our head office in Sydney, Cue has been able to deliver of-the-minute designs weekly for almost 50 years. 100% Australian operated and family owned, Cue is proud of its accreditation with Ethical Clothing Australia. An ethical local supply chain isn’t just about doing the right thing – it’s also about supporting an industry and its workers so that Cue can remain onshore for many years to come. Shorter lead times, smaller runs, maintaining a very high standard of quality and the ability to react quickly to fashion trends are just some of the benefits of manufacturing locally. The ongoing growth and expansion of our brand is proof that a trade-off between ethical production and profitability need not exist.”


“Manning Cartell is proud to be accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, formalising our commitment to ethical manufacturing with a focus on Australian made. We’re finding that the Manning Cartell customer is excited to hear that our clothes are being manufactured locally as this connects with their sense of social responsibility. They appreciate the quality and care that goes into each garment, and as a business it is rewarding to create beautiful pieces with an ethical foundation.”


“Nobody Denim is proud of its commitment to local manufacturing and the conditions in which its clothing is made. Since 2008, we have been a member of Ethical Clothing Australia who helps us to monitor and improve labour conditions at our Thornbury factory, which employs over 40 skilled workers. Through a transparent supply chain and manufacturing items closer to their end destination, Nobody Denim has reduced logistic costs, environmental impact and increased productivity.”


“Since the brand’s inception we have produced the greater part of Viktoria and Woods collections in Melbourne. By working closely with our local manufacturers, patternmakers and graders for the past ten years we have been able to learn from their wealth of knowledge, which has been invaluable. This ability to work together closely and quickly has helped enable us to grow and, more importantly, continue to develop creatively. We are focused on supporting our local industry and continually improving our business practices – being accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia helps us in maintaining transparency and guides us through implementing changes within our industry.”