Meet The Compliance And Outreach Team

Meet the Compliance and Outreach Officers from the Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Union. These people are experts in their field, and work in conjunction with Ethical Clothing Australia, (ECA) businesses and workers as part of ECA’s accreditation program. ECA’s program involves annual compliance audits which are conducted by the TCF Union. The audits cover both a business’ inhouse and outsourced operations, including any outworkers. As part of the audits the team work to identify and resolve any compliance issues. This ensures that the rights of our local Australian garments workers are protected and upheld and it all works towards a more transparent Australian TCF industry.

Elizabeth Macpherson

National Compliance Officer

Beth’s unique background and experience in the textiles, clothing and footwear sectors, combined with her direct experience as an outworker, means she brings to her role an immediate understanding of the issues facing workers in the Textile Clothing and Footwear (TCF) industry. Beth’s role as National Compliance Officer requires her to manage the compliance and outwork outreach team as part of ECA’s accreditation program to ensure that workers, either working in a factory or in their homes, are receiving all lawful entitlements and working in a safe environment. Beth has more than 40 years’ experience in the industry. Her Compliance Officer role includes understanding and interpreting the Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Associated Industries Award 2010 (TCFAI Award) and other associated Awards, the National Employment Standards, and minimum Occupational, Health and Safety requirements. Beth works closely with businesses to ensure they are compliant.

Casey Thompson

Compliance Officer

Casey Thompson’s role involves auditing Australian textile, clothing, footwear and associated industries’ supply chains to ensure that labour standards are upheld, educating workers on their rights and working with outworkers to ensure they are paid and treated fairly while working from home. She has previously worked for the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union supporting Australian manufacturing, manufacturing workers and educating apprentices across Australia. Through the ECA accreditation program Casey advises businesses on their obligations under the relevant Awards, the National Employment Standards and Workplace Health and Safety Acts.

Thao Nguyen

Outworker Outreach Officer

Thao Nguyen started work with the Union in 2015 in the role of Outworker Outreach Officer. Thao has a background in community work, and she worked in that field for more than a decade before joining the outreach team. Thao became aware of the issues facing outworkers as her relatives used to work and sew garments at their homes during the late 1990s. This gave Thao an understanding of the long working hours, the low rates of pay resulting from piece work. Thao’s role as an Outwork Outreach Officer for the TCF Union, as part of ECA’s accreditation program, is to support vulnerable workers, particularly outworkers to obtain their legal rights and entitlements including pay and worker safety through compliance audits according to the industry award.

Nguyet Nguyen

Outworker Outreach Officer

Nguyet worked from home for twenty years as an outworker seamstress before taking part in a Senate Hearing in 2007. This work led her to a role with the Union where she conducts outworker outreach to provide advice and assistance to outworkers in the industry.

Nguyet’s role as an Outwork Outreach Officer for the TCF Union, as part of ECA’s accreditation program, is to support vulnerable workers, particularly outworkers in the industry, ensuring that their legal working rights and safety are protected according to the industry award and relevant legislation. This includes regular meetings with workers, including Vietnamese workers, in both factories and in outworker homes, arranging and facilitating outworker events, assisting with compliance audits and continuing to support applications for new accreditations.