Good News: ECA Businesses Respond To Global Crisis

Published on 11/05/20

There’s no question that we are experiencing uncertain times. We are all having to adapt to our ‘new normal’, while also preparing for what is to come post COVID-19. During this time ECA-accredited businesses have been rapidly adapting, changing their operations. Businesses have changed their production to assist frontline healthcare workers by providing much needed personal protective (PPE) equipment, while others have been making masks for community members seeking these items. Scroll down to read more about their important work.

ECA-accredited businesses Nobody Denim, The Social Studio, Cue, Fashion Clubwear, The Ark and Veducci are examples of businesses that have changed their local production and capabilities to respond to the callout for PPE.  ECA has witnessed how our local industry has shown great enthusiasm and capability in being able to adapt – to work with new fabrics, to create new designs and patterns, to understand new specifications, and to set up new ways of distributing these goods to doctors and nurses and other staff on the frontline.


Nobody Denim have always been committed to keeping jobs in Australia and supporting local garment workers and in response to the global crisis they are currently repurposing their Thornbury factory to manufacture scrubs. “We’ve partnered with the Royal Melbourne Hospital to make scrubs in our Thornbury Factory for essential workers who desperately need them –
We’re humbled and privileged to now open these up to the wider medical community.” 
Find out more here.


The Social Studio have also redirected their manufacturing work partnering with VIC Health and Dr Sandro Demaio (CEO VIC Health) to produce scrubs for healthcare workers Australia wide. “We’re really proud to be helping our healthcare workers stay safe during Covid by redirecting our local production studio to make scrubs at cost price.” Find out more here.


Cue have partnered with St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney to create #ScrubsForStVincents initiative. Providing scrubs made locally in Sydney direct to the hospital.  “We are leveraging our local manufacturing capability to produce #ScrubsForStVincents. We salute our healthcare workers who are at the forefront of this crisis – their selflessness and bravery each day are protecting our community.” Find out more here.


Workwear, uniform and sportswear manufacturer Fashion Clubwear have also repurposed their supply chains to create unisex reusable scrub sets and gowns for our healthcare workers across Australia.


The Ark was able to repurpose its Melbourne production to make much needed 100% cotton non-medical masks for personal use. They have also been working closely with The Alfred Hospital to develop and produce a protective gown as a viable alternative to disposable gowns which are manufactured offshore and in short supply due to worldwide demand. The Ark’s protective gown has been trialled and approved for use pending future Hospital requirements.


Veducci have been creating and donating breathable non-waterproof medical gowns for our frontline workers. Since manufacturing these non-waterproof gowns, they have been asked to produce 3,000 additional waterproof gowns to support the urgent demand. Alongside this initiative Veducci have been donating thousands of non-medical masks Australia wide, to customers, families, nursing homes and churches.


ECA is hopeful that there will be more opportunities for local manufacturers as we navigate COVID-19. We’re hopeful that governments will look to support local manufacturers through procurement, as the Victorian Government has done with its local procurement policy introduced in August 2018, and with a renewed focus on this important industry.

Alongside putting their hands up to transition into manufacturing medical PPE if asked, A.BCH, The Ark Clothing Co, Veducci & Nya have all produced non-medical grade masks for community use. These are cotton dust masks made ethically in Australia. A.BCH have also released their DIY Dust Mask Pattern for you to sew along at home. Please note, these masks aren’t medical grade and should not be used as a substitute to following government guidelines including social distancing.
Find out more about A.BCH masks here.
Find out more about The Ark Masks here.
Find out more about Nya Masks here.


We’re super proud of the work that our local, ethical manufacturers are undertaking at this time and we look forward to bringing you future updates on how our industry is adapting.