Ethical Shopping is on The Rise in Australia

Published on 17/04/20

Global fashion search platform Lyst have collaborated with Good On You to create the 2020 Conscious Fashion Report. The report delved into data collated over the last 12 months – page views, Google search terms and global social media coverage – to pinpoint what consumers are spending their money on, and why. The research shows that Australians are leading the way in ethical and eco-conscious shopping. With online searches for ‘sustainable clothing’ up by 110% and ‘ethical clothing’ up by 67% in the first three months of 2020.


These results highlight that Aussie consumers are continuing to recognise the importance of those who are making our clothes and that their rights and safety must be upheld and protected, and that we must change our fast fashion habits.


Australian shoppers who are looking to shop the right way, should look for businesses that are accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. We are lucky in this country to have an accreditation program to help guide shoppers in making important decisions about how to spend their money. An Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accreditation reflects the incredible value a business places on ensuring its workers’ rights are respected and upheld as they undergo an independent audit of their entire supply chain. By shopping with an ECA-accredited brand, you know that you are supporting Australian businesses, jobs and our local Textile, Clothing and Footwear industry.


Now, more than ever we need to support our local businesses and garment workers to ensure that once we reach the other side of this current crisis, that they are there with us ♥️


You can view the 2020 Conscious Fashion Report HERE