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Vanessa Gullone

Vanessa Gullone

Melbourne-based clothing manufacturer Vanessa Gullone provides a sustainable approach to manual pattern making, size grading, sample development and production runs. They are able to assist brands at any stage, ensuring a dedication to consistency and quality.

Vanessa Gullone work with woven and knits, specialising in producing apparel and some accessories and homewares. They embrace close working relationships with their clients and endeavour to create quality products for them for many years to come.

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Amount Made In Australia

Vanessa Gullone is proudly 100% made in Australia and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Cut Make Trim (CMT), Marking/Grading, Maker - Knit, Maker - Woven, Pattern Maker, Samples

Value Adding Capabilities


Minimum Order Quantity

35 units per style


Knitted, Wovens