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Universal Fashion Corporation

Universal Fashion Corporation

Universal Fashion Corporation is Clothing and Accessories manufacturing company with main focus on Australian Made products.

Amount Made In Australia

Universal Fashion Corporation is proudly 100% made in Australia and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Button & Button Holes, Commission Knitting, Cut Make Trim (CMT), Garment Pleating, Marking/Grading, Knitter, Made to Measure, Maker - Knit, Maker - Woven, Maker of Fabric - Knitted, Maker of Fabric - Woven, Pattern Maker, Samples, Seamless Knitting, Swimwear, Warehousing, Logistics including Pick Pack and Dispatch

Value Adding Capabilities

Printing - Screen

Minimum Order Quantity



Knitted, Wovens, Heavy-weight, Jersey, Lycra, Leather, Silk, Industrial, Wearable Technology