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The Ark Clothing Co

The Ark Clothing Co

Australian made and ethically accredited, The Ark is more than just a fashion brand; they are an ethos, a culture and a community who believe design should always be imbued with integrity. Passionate about creating simple wardrobes with intelligent design, they help women create a considered and sustainable approach to personal style using fewer quality pieces that do more.

Every year The Ark connect with women who attend their signature styling workshops and personal styling sessions, sharing their knowledge and promoting the importance of buying Australian made and ethically accredited. Proudly based in Melbourne with an incredibly committed and talented team of over 70 staff, The Ark now has six stores in Victoria, one in NSW and South Australia and an e-com store shipping worldwide.

Amount Made In Australia

100% of The Ark Clothing Co's products are proudly made in Australia and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.