Published on 09/12/19

Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) is pleased to launch a new website category for ECA-accredited fashion brands making clothing in size 14 and above.


As an accreditation body, ECA’s remit is focussed on working collaboratively with local textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) businesses to ensure their Australian supply chains are legally compliant. Specifically, that local TCF workers are being paid appropriately, receiving all their legal minimum entitlements and working in safe conditions throughout the entire supply chain.


ECA also plays an important role in the ethical fashion space, as a source of news and education for consumers about where to shop for locally made, ethical fashion in Australia.


The fashion industry faces a range of issues which ECA cannot always address directly. These include sustainability, inclusivity, diversity and representation, which can be in relation to size, gender, race and cultural background.


However, as a step towards encouraging size inclusivity, ECA has launched a new website category for ECA-accredited fashion brands that are manufacturing women’s clothing in size 14 and above.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average waist measurement for women over the age of 18 in 2017-18 was 87.9cm. Despite Australia not having standardised sizing for women’s clothing, this measurement generally falls around a size 16 to 18 at most Australian fashion retailers.


Considering these figures, it’s no wonder that consumers and ECA-accredited businesses alike want an easy way to identify where to purchase ethical fashion in sizes 14 and above.


ECA hopes that the Size 14+ website category will not only assist those looking for fashion in these sizes but also encourage brands that are not yet making in these sizes to consider extending their size range, as ECA believes all individuals should have options available to purchase locally made, ethical fashion.


ECA applauds the many ECA-accredited businesses that are working towards a more inclusive business model.


One of these businesses is the newly launched, Organic Yoga Company (OYC). OYC is the sister company of Vege Threads by Designer and Founder, Amy Roberts.


Amy knows that “there are women out there that just can’t find the items they need”, which is why OYC is taking orders for sizes up to 3XL and aims to provide organic yoga wear for all bodies and movements. The brand is a champion for body positivity, with Amy ensuring the models she uses represent a range of body shapes, sizes and faces.


OYC’s model is simple, to keep things ethical, minimise waste and produce locally. They achieve this by manufacturing in Adelaide, SA, using organic and eco-friendly materials that are dyed in limited batches.


Check out Organic Yoga Company and view the full list of ECA-accredited brands in the Size 14+ category, online here.



Quotes attributable to ECA National Manager, Angela Bell


“ECA is pleased to announce the Size 14+ category on our website as it indicates the demand from shoppers for body inclusivity in the ethical fashion industry.”


“We are proud that many ECA-accredited businesses are already catering for consumers who require these sizes and that small businesses have these sizing options available.”


“ECA will continue to encourage all businesses in the fashion industry to consider the issues of inclusivity, diversity and representation across their product ranges and marketing.”