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RAW TO A T event wrap up

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RAW TO A T event wrap up

The Ethical Clothing Australia team had the opportunity to exhibit at RAW TO A T in Melbourne during May. 

Run by RawAssembly, RAW TO A T is a conference and circular sourcing event for the fashion and textiles sectors. 

ECA exhibited on the industry-only days on 24-26 May alongside ECA accredited businesses Knovus (formerly Knit Melbourne), The Social Studio and ABMT Apparel.

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Molly and Patricia from Knovus, a knitting development house.

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Andrew from ABMT Apparel, a specialist textile manufacturer.

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Dewi from The Social Studio, a manufacturing studio, fashion label and retail space.

Amanda Bresnan was also asked to speak at a Collarts panel on one of the consumer-facing days of Raw To A T. 

Amanda panel

Chaired by Sarah Conners (Head of Fashion & Sustainability at Collarts), the panel also included Teslin Doud (Sustainability Specialist for Projects at Country Road Group & David Jones) and Ben Kaminsky (Cofounder of Textile Recycling Australia). 

The panel involved a discussion around whether we value style over substance in fashion, the role that fashion media and education can play in rethinking the value of fashion, and how collaboration can improve the current state of the industry. 

Many thanks to RawAssembly and Collarts for having us!

Atong Atem 0282 BETA

RAW TO A T announcement

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RAW TO A T announcement

BETA small square

We are excited to announce that Ethical Clothing Australia will be exhibiting at ‘RAW TO A T’ in Melbourne next month!

The conference and sourcing event, which is run by RawAssembly, is a regenerative and circular sourcing event for the fashion and textiles sectors. It was created to increase the awareness of sustainable solutions and to drive forward new collaborations and opportunities for a regenerative future facing fashion industry in Australia.

‘RAW TO A T’ brings together a diverse range of stakeholders across the ecosystem to explore how, what and when the fashion industry can transform its current model of production and consumption to a system that better protects people and the planet.

Ethical Clothing Australia will be exhibiting 24-26 May 2022 on the industry-only days.

To learn more, head to the ‘RAW TO A T’ website.

📸 @atongatem (Atong Atem), BETA STH BNK by Hanover House


Wrap Up Of Paypal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2022

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Wrap Up Of Paypal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2022

The ECA team recently attended a selection of events that were part of PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival, which ran from 3 – 12 March. It was fantastic to see this year’s festival up close and personal! 

02.22 FTSU small 8
Ethically Made Vs. Ethically Minded Fashion

This was ECA’s panel, which focused on the importance of ethical manufacturing in fashion. The panel included Sarah Sheridan (Clothing the Gaps), Brianna Gaal (Gaal Melbourne) and Elizabeth Macpherson (Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union) and was hosted by Amanda Bresnan (National Manager, Ethical Clothing Australia).  

Members of the panel discussed their journey to become an ethically accredited business and they shared stories about how they manufacture ethically, and how they ensure workers’ rights are protected throughout their supply chain. 


This was the fourth instalment of R E M U S E’s mycology-inspired series, which drew inspiration from earth and organic shapes and formations in nature. This event brought together dreamlike music from local band Bumpy with modern dancers. The movements of the bodies emphasised the natural elements of the designs, which featured atypical cuts, tie dyed shades of blue, and flowing ruffles.

Image credit: @Meaty

REMUSE MICO22 GiannaRizzo @meaty 18
Runway 1 

ECA attended Runway 1 as a guest of Creative Victoria. ECA accredited brands Arnsdorf and Bianca Spender featured.

Arnsdorf presented a neutral-inspired runway with black, chocolate and gold hues featuring prominently.

Bianca Spender also presented their new line, which featured feminine draped fabrics and clean-cut tailoring.  

Image credits: @dancastano

Runway 2 

We attended Runway 2 to see accredited brand Viktoria & Woods. The designs combined neutral tones and clean sophisticated lines, with a variety of patterns and block colours on display. 

Image credit: @lucasdawsonphotography

Victoria and Woods 613
Runway 4

Runway 4 was a fun-filled and joyful event that saw breakdancers making moves on the runway. We also got the opportunity to see Nobody Denim’s first menswear range, which brought together androgynous designs, white denim, and embroidered bucket hats.

Image credit: @dancastano

Circular Style 

Hosted by The Social Studio and featuring Courtney Holm of accredited brand A.BCH, this panel involved a detailed discussion about zero waste patternmaking and how brands can do more to reduce textile waste. We enjoyed the technical detail of this talk, as it provided everyone in attendance with a deeper understanding of the challenges of zero waste manufacturing. 

02.22 FTSU small 6
MFF white 100

ECA’s Guide to PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2022

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ECA’s Guide to PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2022


PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival is back for 2022! An annual celebration of fashion, arts, ideas and creative endeavours, the 10-day festival will be held on 3 – 12 March 2022. We are excited to see that this year’s program features a number of ECA-accredited businesses. Check out our guide to PMFF 2022 below.


Ethically Made Vs. Ethically Minded Fashion

ECA is presenting a free panel that will look at how ethical manufacturing and other ethical initiatives are incorporated into a fashion business’s strategy and how they prioritise making ethically in Australia. This will be a discussion between Sarah Sheridan, Co-Founder of Clothing the Gaps; Bianca Gaal, Owner of Gaal Melbourne; and a representative from the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union.

7pm on Monday 7th March at The Festival Pavilion in Federation Square


Gala Runway

Showcasing the best in established and emerging international and Australian fashion, the Gala Runway will feature looks from the 2022 Autumn-Winter season. This runway will feature Bianca Spender, Carla Zampatti and Viktoria & Woods.

7pm on Thursday 3rd March at Queen Victoria Market




MICO22 is the fourth instalment of REMUSE’s annual mycology-inspired series. The show will feature a music performance choreographed and performed by a local band in concert with models and dancers wearing the brand’s Autumn 2022 collection.

7pm on Thursday 3rd March at Brunswick Mechanics Institute


Arnsdorf X RNTR

At this ongoing experience at Arnsdorf’s Fitzroy boutique, shoppers can discover the brand’s rental collection which is powered by Rntr, a clothing rental platform.

Friday 4th – Saturday 12th March at Arnsdorf Fitzroy Store



Runway 1

Runway 1 at ACMI will showcase a stable of Australian designers, including ECA-accredited brands Bianca Spender and Arnsdorf. Both brands continue to find international resonance through fashion and this runway will culminate in an engaging snapshot of today’s global woman.

7pm & 8:30pm on Monday 7th March at ACMI, Federation Square



Runway 2

Located at at ACMI in Federation Square, Runway 2 looks to be an evening of refined sophistication featuring ECA accredited brand Viktoria & Woods.

7pm & 8:30pm on Tuesday 8th March at ACMI, Federation Square



Runway 4 (Menswear)

Runway 4 will showcase an exciting fusion of influences and inspirations within menswear design. This event, which features Nobody Denim, promises to push the boundaries of Australian men’s fashion.

7pm & 8:30pm on Thursday 10th March at ACMI, Federation Square



Independent Runway

Taking place in the artistic hub of Collingwood Yards, the Independent Runway showcases independent brands whose work resonates globally. This year’s Independent Runway features The Social Studio.

8pm on Thursday 10th March at Collingwood Yards



Circular Talk

Hosted by The Social Studio, audiences will be guided through the design and development of the brand’s collection in their Collingwood Yards manufacturing studio. This will be followed by a panel where design and sustainability experts will discuss industry approaches to reducing textile waste.

1pm on Saturday 12th March at Collingwood Yards



Closing Runway

Featuring Carla Zampatti, the Closing Runway will display both ready-to-wear and red carpet looks from Australian designers.

7pm & 8:30pm on Saturday 12th March at (location TBC)


ECA Week 2022 banner

How to get involved with ECA Week 2022

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How to get involved with ECA Week 2022

ECA Week 2022 banner

ECA Week 2022, which will be held on 19 – 23 September this year, is fast approaching!

ECA Week focuses on ethically accredited Australian businesses and locally made textiles, clothing and footwear. This is our chance to celebrate and promote the accredited businesses and skilled local workers in the industry. Scroll down to read some updates around ECA Week.


This year, we are asking all ECA accredited businesses to record and send through a short video using a smartphone. We will post these videos individually on our social media platforms during ECA Week and compile them into a longer highlights video at the end of the week. This is a great way to get involved in ECA Week and be seen by the wider ECA audience.

Please record yourself answering one of the following questions:

  • ‘My name is <name> from <accredited business name>. I / We decided to get accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia because …’


  • ‘My name is <name> from <accredited business name>. Ethical Clothing Australia is important to our business / industry because …’

When sending your video, please ensure the video:

  • Is 20 – 30 seconds in length
  • Is captured in portrait mode (see image)
  • Has a suitable background
EZwNJ9FXQAItnqu copy

When you have recorded your video, email it across to Please get in touch if you have any technical issues and we would be happy to assist.


To make ECA Week 2022 a success we’re looking to you, our ECA-accredited businesses, to embrace the week and get involved. We’ve got lots of ideas for impactful activities and whether you are a sole trader, small business or national business, there are many ways to take action and show your support for #ECAWEEK2022.

Here are some things that you can do to participate:

  • Host a special morning tea or lunch to thank your workers (and don’t forget to send us a photo!).
  • Interview your workers and share their stories across your social media platforms.
  • Share a video or blog post highlighting your local manufacturing operations, production staff and capabilities.
  • Host a factory or studio tour and live stream it.
  • Record an Instagram Live conversation or video for your audience.
  • Take photos of the people who make your clothes and share their stories on social media.
  • Create a social media competition.
  • Post content about your ethically locally made TCF products.

Please let us know if you are planning an ECA Week 2022 event or activity by emailing


We have created some assets for you to download and use during ECA Week:

  • Social media posts – use these images and the suggested wording in this folder for a social media post.
  • Posters – print out and snap a photo of someone on your team holding one of these posters.
  • Website or blog banner – use this image in a newsletter or blog post about ECA Week.


Posting on social media is a great way to remind your followers about your commitment to Australian manufacturing.

We have created some social media templates and wording examples for businesses – you can view those files here. Don’t forget to tag @ethicalclothingaustralia and use the hashtag #ECAWEEK2022 in your posts so we can reshare them!

Please also feel free to post about ECA Week using your own words and images. Here are some examples from accredited businesses from last year:

We can’t wait to see how you get involved with ECA Week 2022! Keep in touch with us on social media.

Untitled design 36

ECA’s Guide to Melbourne Fashion Week 2021

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ECA’s Guide to Melbourne Fashion Week 2021

Untitled design 36

Melbourne Fashion Week 2021 is back this November 15-21! After a mostly digital line up in 2020, we’re so pleased to see a return to runways and events across the city, many including ECA-accredited businesses. Check out our guide to M/FW 2021 below.


Shifting Fashion’s Status Quo

The first of M/FW’s Conversations series, featuring the founder of ECA-accredited business Viktoria & Woods, Margie Woods.


Monday 15th November 5-6pm

The live stream will be available to watch on the M/FW website or on Facebook.



Fashion X Art @ NGV
Set within National Gallery of Victoria: Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square, this runway featuring ECA-accredited business Carla Zampatti presents an immersive journey of fashion and art.

Tuesday 16th November, multiple sessions

The Ian Potter Centre, Fed Square, Russell Street, Melbourne VIC



Aquarium Runway

In a M/FW first, models will wander through SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium surrounded by an underwater world for this unique runway, featuring ECA-accredited businesses Arnsdorf and REMUSE.


Wednesday 17th November, multiple sessions

Sea Life Aquarium, King Street, Melbourne VIC



Beyond Greenwashing

This talk focuses on responsible fashion, ethics and the circular economy, and features Courtney Holm from ECA-accredited circular fashion label A.BCH.


Wednesday 17th November, 11am-12pm

The live stream will be available to watch on the M/FW website.



Pop Up Runway 4

Making its way through the city’s shopping centres, this runway will reignite your passion for all that is Melbourne, featuring ECA-accredited Nobody Denim.


Friday 19th November, multiple sessions

Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne VIC



Riverview Runway

Set on Seafarers Bridge over the Yarra, this free runway featuring ECA-accredited business Veronika Maine presents a showcase of design talent with a city skyline backdrop.


Saturday November 20th, multiple sessions

Seafarers Bridge, South Wharf Promenade, South Wharf VIC

Ticket registrations open on Tuesday 9th November 10am, due to limited capacities



Underground Runway

Head beyond the city lights and go underground at one of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks for a fashion experience featuring ECA-accredited business A.BCH.


Saturday 20th November, multiple sessions

MCG Underground Carpark, Gate 1, Brunton Avenue, Richmond VIC



Queen and Collins Closing Runway

This show, set to the backdrop of the space’s Grand Cathedral Room, will offer looks from ECA-accredited businesses Bianca Spender and Viktoria & Woods.


Sunday 21st November, multiple sessions

Queen & Collins, 376-390 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC


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Ethical Clothing Australia Week Guide 2021

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ECAWeek2021 EDMBanner1

Ethical Clothing Australia Week 2021 is our chance to come together celebrate our industry, businesses, and of course, the talented and hardworking garment workers who make your textiles, clothes, and footwear! Check out our guide below to see what’s happening. If you can’t attend any events, follow along on social and join in the conversation. We can’t wait to share the week with you!

CS ABCH Gallery 6 Courtney Holm 1


To celebrate A.BCH are hosting a virtual circular factory tour on their Instagram and are also sharing a ‘Meet The Team; content series throughout the week. Make sure you tune into their social channels here to watch!

Date: Launching during ECA Week.

Bianca Spender

Bianca Spender is celebrating ECA Week by sharing social and EDM content highlighting their commitment to local and ethical production. Make sure you are following along on social here.

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Bruck Textiles

The Next Generation of Wildland Protective Clothing

As the CFA consider the next generation of wildland protective clothing for around 55,000 volunteers, the technicians in the BRUCK dye-lab are busy matching the traditional CFA yellow on the new lightweight, high-strength, high-breathability fabric for field trials. Bruck will be sharing some more insights into this exciting new technology on their social channels here.

Date: During ECA Week.

Citizen Wolf

Citizen Wolf will be posting local and ethically themed content across their social media channels during ECA Week. You can follow along and learn more here.

Date: During ECA Week

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Dream With Me

Dream With Me will be sharing ‘Meet The Makers’ stories and content across their social channels during the Week. Make sure you are following along on their social channels here to watch!

Date: During ECA Week.

Humphrey Law Socks

Humphrey Law Socks are running a factory video tour including ‘5 Quick Questions With Staff’ on their social media channels here.

Date: During ECA Week.

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SQUARE Jummy hands only plain sewing Ballarat Interknit

Interknit & Branberry

Before I Was A Jumper – Online Event

To celebrate, Interknit & Branberry are hosting a virtual behind the scenes making of an ethically sourced Australian school jumper. You can RSVP to the event digitally here.

Date: Monday 30th August

Justice Denim

Justice Denim are celebrating ECA Week through offering a double donation with every purchase made to their charity Project Futures & Destiny Rescue. You can support and shop here.

Date: During ECA Week.

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Luna and Sun X Chamani

In the first ECA-accredited business collaboration CHAMANI and Luna & Sun will be holding a pop-up store in celebration of ECA week. All customers will get a gift or discount with each purchase and the founders of both labels, Chamani and Teshani will be there for styling advice and to tell the tale of each forever piece. You can follow along here.

You can also follow Luna & Sun here.

Merino Country

Merino Country have created a blog featuring ethical and sustainable fashion influencers about how to be more mindful with your fashion choices and how to look for ethical fashion brands.

You can read it here.

ECA week 21 2 Merino Country
NYA SS21 1819


Nya are offering ECA subscribers a free gift with purchase on all orders over $150 for ECA Week

Use code ECAxNYA at checkout. Shop and support here.

Date: During ECA Week.

Discount valid from 29th August to 4th September.

Pankina Clothing

Pankina Clothing are offering ECA subscribers an exclusive 30% off sitewide for ECA Week using the code ECA2021. Shop and support here.

Date: During ECA Week.

Discount valid from 27th August to the 12th September.

236134462 870958310502916 3588564709046989182 n
REMUSEMicrocosm Tamara Leacock

REMUSE Designs

REMUSE x Microcosm

REMUSE are hosting an interactive and immersive runway at iconic venue Trader Bar in Darwin, Larrakia Country, showcasing a collection created in collaboration with Darwin based fine artist Ilma Ali. Ilma Ali’s signature collection prints are transformed into natural fibre based organic textiles by local and ECA accredited textile printer Next State Printing. The textiles are reimagined into the shapes of Remuse’s Spring Equinox 2021 Collection. This will be the first time that they have integrated digital prints into their work. Find out more here.

Date: Saturday August 28th

Tatyana Design

Tatyana Design will be sharing ethically and locally made content across their social channels over ECA Week. Tune in here.

Date: During ECA Week.

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 The below businesses manufacture the majority of their product in Australia.

236956592 3909958565777319 5596627114133679422 n

Assembled Threads

Assembled Threads are creating a short video about why they chose to become an ECA accredited business. You can find the video on their website here and social media here.

Date: Launching during ECA Week.

Black Sheep Activewear

Black Sheep Activewear (BKSP) will be sharing content across their social media platforms each day during ECA Week. They are also offering ECA subscribers 10% off sitewide during the week using the code ECAWEEK at checkout. Follow BSKP on Instagram here and visit their website here.

Date: Each day during ECA Week.

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210602 CARLA ZAMPATTI SS21 07 2137 Lisa Pasquetti

Carla Zampatti

Carla Zampatti will be celebrating ECA Week by sharing content across their social and email channels highlighting their Australian manufacturing and ethical work practices. You can follow along here.

Clothing The Gaps

Clothing The Gaps are running an exclusive giveaway during the Week. Make sure you keep an eye on their social channels to enter! They are also hosting a morning tea and staff fashion runway for some of their garment workers. Workers will be able to see how the garments they have made are picked, packed, promoted and styled! Follow along here.

Date: During ECA Week

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238640229 378332700328215 617363962062844332 n


Have you ever wanted to learn more about Cue’s Australian ethical manufacturing? In celebration of Ethical Clothing Australia Week, Cue are hosting a Q&A session on their Instagram Stories where they will be answering your questions live! Jump onto @cueclothingco on Friday 27 August to ask the team all about their manufacturing and ECA accreditation!

Answers will be shared on their Instagram stories during ECA Week.

Date: Q&A Live Friday 27th August and published during ECA Week.

Keeper Denim

Keeper Denim will be sharing insights into their local manufacturing operations in Melbourne and what it means to be an ECA accredited business across their social media and email newsletters. Make sure you are following along here.

Date: During ECA Week.

236102745 848969065744780 6210891310834770665 n
235910260 6011779565529737 7761780585025639141 n

Veronika Maine

Veronika Maine will be sharing content focused on their garments which are made locally and ethically in Australia across their social media and email newsletter. Make sure you are following along here.

Date: During ECA Week.

The below businesses only manufacture specific product lines in Australia. Make sure you check product descriptions online and swing tags for more information.

NNT The Good Thread Hero Stack Banner

Workwear Group

Workwear Group are running a variety of activities to celebrate ECA Week that includes interviews with their workers, guest speakers and shining a spot light on brands made in Australia including Hard Yakka and King Gee. You can follow along on their social media here.

Date: 3rd September

Fella Hamilton

Fella Hamilton will be featuring products made in Australia all week on their social media and email newsletter channels. Follow along here.

Date: During ECA Week.

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Screen Shot 2021 03 11 at 9.33.27 am 2

Digital Map Leads To Ethical Destination Shopping

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Digital Map Leads To Ethical Destination Shopping

Media Release: The Hon Danny Pearson MP – Assistant Treasurer, Minister For Regulatory Reform, Minister For Government Services, Minister For Creative Industries.

Thursday 11th March 2021

As Melbourne Fashion Festival takes off across the city and beyond, a new digital tool has been launched to help consumers find Australianade, ethically conscious fashion across the nation.

Minister for Creative Industries Danny Pearson today launched Ethical Clothing Australia’s (ECA) new online shopping map of accredited Australian ethical retail destinations.

The map shows shoppers where to find ECA-accredited brands at 120 store locations around Victoria, and more than 300 throughout Australia, from any device.

It features trailblazing Victorian brands including Anthea Crawford, Arnsdorf, Clothing The Gap, Denimsmith, Nobody Denim, Remuse, The Ark Clothing Co, The Social Studio, Vege Threads and Viktoria & Woods.

To be ECA accredited, a business’s manufacturing operations are audited from design to dispatch to ensure that local textile, clothing and footwear workers, including any outworkers, are being paid appropriately, receiving all their legal entitlements and working in safe conditions.

The new consumer-focused tool acknowledges that shoppers are increasingly on the lookout for businesses that commit to ethical and onshore production principles. It builds on ECA’s printed ethical shopping guide to Melbourne which was released in 2019.

A recent survey by Ethical Clothing Australia of Australian textile, clothing, and footwear manufacturers, found that 70 percent reported that more customers are asking questions about the labour rights of the people who made their clothes.

Celebrating 21 years in 2021, Ethical Clothing Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that supports Australian workers in the fashion industry, advocating for ethical, fair, and safe work practices across the sector including fair pay and good working conditions.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Creative Industries Danny Pearson  

We know fashion lovers are becoming more conscious consumers. Ethical Clothing Australia has met the moment with a new digital map, making ethical fashion businesses a destination shopping experience.”

“It’s fantastic to see so many ECA-accredited Victorian brands who are focused on local and ethical manufacturing and protecting the workers across their supply chain.”

“We’re proud to partner with ECA as it works to create a fairer, more sustainable future for Victorian fashion businesses and find innovative new ways to bring shoppers to their stores.”

Quote attributable to Angela Bell Manager of Ethical Clothing Australia  

“People are looking to buy ethical fashion and so we’re pleased to be able to give Victorians and shoppers around the country an easy way to map out their shopping via the brands selling local, ethically-accredited fashion.”


Many Hands: The Making Of A Garment Exhibition

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Many Hands: The Making Of A Garment

Have you ever wondered how many hands are involved in the making of an ethical and local garment? As part of Melbourne Fashion Festival 2021 we launched our photographic exhibition Many Hands: The Making of a Garment in collaboration with The Ark Clothing Co and The Social Studio at Collingwood Yards. The exhibition follows the creation of a garment from initial concept to when it lands in store, telling the story of each step in the process and each talented hand that contributes to the garment.

The night was a sold-out success full of insight into the local industry, a discussion on the true cost of a garment and most importantly the many talented hands that are behind the making of our garments. A big thank you to our guest speakers Lyn McPherson – Director, The Ark Clothing Co, Tara Wingate – Production Manager, The Social Studio and Jenny Kruschel – National Secretary, TCF Union for sharing their knowledge on the night.

Our guests also got a behind the scenes tour at The Social Studio’s new space at Collingwood Yards, with a special meet and greet with Dewi Cooke, CEO, The Social Studio. We also collaborated with Denimsmith who kindly provided a denim tote bag for each guest who attended! You can view the digital exhibition below.

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ECA’s Guide To MFF 2021

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ECA's Guide To MFF 2021

Melbourne Fashion Festival 2021 is here! Although it may look a little different we can assure you that this year’s program still packs a punch and we are proud to see ECA accredited businesses in the line-up! Oh, did we mention that we are also hosting our own event in collaboration with The Ark Clothing Co? Check out our guide to MFF 2021 below.

Many Hands: The Making Of A Garment 

Come along and follow the journey of a garment – from creation through to the final product when it’s ready for the runway – or delivery to you! From fabric artists and printers to patternmakers and machinists, this will be a visually compelling story of the many hands that make our clothes. Join us for the launch of Many Hands: The Making of a Garment which will include a discussion about the importance of highlighting the people and the skills behind Australia’s local industry. Expect to meet some other ethical makers at the event, learn more about brands that are made in Melbourne and about the importance of protecting the rights of garment workers. This exhibition is delivered in partnership with The Ark Clothing Co, which has been accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) since 2012. The Ark design and make all their products in Melbourne with their in-house team and their network of valued and trusted longstanding makers.

Get Your Tickets Here


REBORN By HoMie X Nobody Denim Pop-Up

Gathered from the corners of Nobody Denim’s factory and design studio, pre and post-consumer denim ‘seconds’ have been re-routed to HoMie to create a collection of up-cycled, one-off denim pieces, bringing new beginnings to otherwise discarded garments destined for landfill. The collection will be available for purchase on both and with all proceeds going towards HoMie to achieve its mission, to support young people affected by homelessness or hardship to equip them with the skills, confidence and experiences to be more work-ready and better prepared for their future. To bring this to life and further provoke conversation, HoMie and Nobody Denim will be hosting an in-store activation showcasing key pieces.

The pop-up be open daily from 10am-5pm daily, 11-20 March 2021 @ Nobody Denim, 396-398 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, VIC, 3065, Australia.


Nobody Denim Laundry Tour

Back for another year, Nobody Denim is inviting all local fashion enthusiasts to participate in their intimate Laundry Tour, the site where denim is washed, dyed, and distressed.

Hosted by Co-Founder John Condilis and Senior Wash Developer, Sara Fletcher, this 45-minute tour explores the themes of sustainable and local manufacture, though an immersive hands-on denim experience.


Nobody Denim Factory71 Leicester Street, Fitzroy, VIC, 3065, Australia

This is a free event. Each tour is 45 minutes. Registrations are required, sign-up for tickets via the link below.


Runway 1

Runway 1 presents a line-up of quintessentially Melbourne designers who each emphasise quality production and a customised approach to tailored design. This runway features ECA accredited A.BCH and will be an online event.



Runway 2

A refined display of cutting edge fashion collections will grace the runway within the majestic surrounds of the Great Hall at the National Gallery of Victoria to create an atmosphere of chic luxury. Featuring ECA accredited Bianca Spender and Carla Zampatti.


National Gallery of Victoria, 180 Saint Kilda Road, Southbank, VIC, 3006, Australia


Runway 4

Presenting a contemporary line-up of some of Australia’s most prestigious designers, including ECA accredited Arnsdorf and Viktoria & Woods. Runway 4 honours exceptional quality of style and is set amongst the breathtaking backdrop of the State Library Victoria.


State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia


Art Talk: Stanislava Pinchuk + The Social Studio

Ukrainian-Australian artist Stanislava Pinchuk is one of the most intriguing contemporary artists working today. Pinchuk’s upcoming exhibition Terra Data at Heide Museum of Modern Art will showcase powerful drawings that capture the changing topographies of war through data mapping as well as terrazzo sculptures containing the detritus left behind by conflict—fragments of tiles, shotgun shells, SIM cards, plastics and tar. Pinchuk has collaborated with the The Social Studio to create three elegant scarves based on terrazzo works featured in Terra Data. In celebration of the Melbourne Fashion Festival, join Stanislava Pinchuk and CEO of ECA accredited The Social Studio, Dewi Cooke, for a private preview of the exhibition and a casual conversation around textiles, design, inspirations and collaborations.


Heide Museum of Modern Art, 7 Templestowe Road, Bulleen, VIC, 3105, Australia


Runway 6

Come along for an epic evening of fun and frivolity as we celebrate the final runway of 2021. Taking over the Timber Yard, Runway 6 is styled by leading celebrity stylist and Creative Director Lana Wilkinson and will come alive with a dynamic display of leading designers whose collections exude extraordinary confidence and style. With a focus on innovation and wearability, the runway will come alive with fashion that celebrates boldness, creativity and everlasting spirit. Runway 6 features ECA accredited Manning Cartell.


The Timber Yard, 351 Plummer Street, Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207, Australia.


The Social Studio presents: Atong Atem x Romance Was Born

The Social Studio will utilise a number of spaces across the Collingwood Yards precinct, transforming its retail shop into an exhibition space featuring Atong’s work. The outdoor and public spaces of the Yards will be used to present the Romance Was Born pieces as well as take the audience into elements of the natural world that Atong drew from in her work.


Collingwood Yards, 35 Johnston Street, Collingwood, VIC, 3066, Australia


Micilogia Runway

Naarm (Melbourne) based label REMUSE returns to present the third installment of their annual mycology inspired series, MICOLOGIA; an ongoing journey into the realm of fungi communicated through a multisensory experience incorporating audio-visual, light art, music, and movement artists, connecting in symbiosis, marking the release of their collection MICOLOGIA III. Taking place on the Autumnal Equinox, ushering in the fungi season, this show will both entertain and educate through the collective exploration of the themes of connectivity, the cycle of life, death and renewal.


Footscray Community Arts Centre, 45 Moreland Street, Footscray, VIC, 3011, Australia