Mies is a Melbourne dress label, which was founded in 2017 by Andrew Letts and is designed by Sara Lim and Adriana Santelices. Believing in the everlasting value of a simple yet high quality wardrobe, Mies focuses on creating individual customised pieces. Each dress is meant to integrate easily with your personal style, and to help achieve this you are encouraged to be involved in the design process.

Making all dresses on a made-to-order basis, Mies avoids producing a surplus of garments that sit in a warehouse and are never worn. It’s their way of reducing waste and improving the product life cycle.

The team strongly believes in the value of being ‘Australian made’ and all of the benefits that local production brings; that's why Mies is proudly designed and made in Melbourne.

For Mies, the biggest benefit of local production is having a close relationship with the people who create their dresses. In a world where it is still common practice to have a long and distant supply chain, especially in the fashion industry, they want to make a change and take great pride in this philosophy. They have great respect and appreciation for their production team's skills - behind every dress at Mies there is someone special who made it for you.


Note: All Australian made Mies garments are ECA® acredited.