Creativity, innovation and a youthful spirit.

Founded in 1968, Cue is still a family owned and operated business and is 100% Australian owned. All Cue designs originate from Cue’s head office in Surry Hills, Sydney, and the majority of their collections are Australian made – making Cue the largest manufacturer of fashion in Australia. This significant investment in local industry enables Cue to have longstanding relationships with makers while also remaining reactive and ethically conscious.


The company’s Chief Operating Officer, Damien Peirce-Grant says: “By continuing to invest in local industry, Cue has been able to deliver of-the-minute designs weekly for almost 50 years. Cue is proud of its accreditation with Ethical Clothing Australia, and believes an ethical local supply chain isn’t just about doing the right thing - it’s also about supporting an industry and its workers so that Cue can remain onshore for many years to come. Shorter lead times, smaller runs, maintaining a very high standard of quality and the ability to react quickly to fashion trends are just some of the benefits of manufacturing locally. The ongoing growth and expansion of our brand is proof that a trade-off between ethical production and profitability need not exist.”


NOTE: Cue has been ECA accredited since 2009. ECA commends Cue on its ongoing support for local industry, and is proud to work collaboratively with the iconic fashion brand to ensure its local supply chain is transparent and ethical.