Benefits of Accreditation

Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accreditation is a voluntary program designed to help businesses that are manufacturing in Australia:

navigate their legal obligations

map supply chains to ensure transparency

verify that all workers within their Australian supply chain are receiving their legal entitlements and other rights under the law

ECA accreditation provides many benefits for businesses and consumers.


Provide Advice and Assistance

Businesses are given support and mechanisms to help them stay informed of and able to respond effectively to problems in their local supply chain, if and when they arise, via ongoing third party compliance monitoring.


Manage Risks

ECA works collaboratively with local businesses to ensure their Australian operations are transparent and ethical. To avoid garments being made in unethical working conditions, which can be potentially damaging to a brand’s public image and consumer trust, it is important that businesses know where their clothing is being made, by whom and under what conditions at each level of their supply chain.

Promote Your Business

As well as providing peace of mind, being accredited with ECA and displaying the ECA trademark can be a positive addition to a business’s public profile. ECA, and its accredited businesses, also benefit from ECA’s ongoing involvement in various industry initiatives and promotional activities.


Appeal to a Growing Market

Due to the increased media focus on working conditions in the garment industry, the number of consumers that are conscious of buying ethical textiles, clothing and footwear is also increasing. Being ECA accredited means your brand will appeal to this growing consumer market, and those buying ECA accredited products can be sure that these purchases have been made locally and under ethical conditions.


Your Social Impact

Supporting ECA accredited brands means protecting the lives and wellbeing of vulnerable Australian workers. It also helps strengthen the local TCF industry by fostering local jobs and working collaboratively towards a more ethical and transparent industry standard.


Government Tenders

While local manufacturers are currently no longer required to be accredited with ECA in order to be eligible to bid for TCF contracts with Commonwealth entities, being ECA accredited provides favourable evidence that risk management systems are in place to those responsible for clothing and footwear procurement in government. ECA accreditation demonstrates to government that a business has a legally compliant supply chain.

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