Benefits of Accreditation

Show That You Value The People Who Make Your Products



Ethical Clothing Australia’s accreditation is focused on ensuring that local textile, clothing and footwear workers are being paid appropriately, receiving all the legal minimum entitlements and working in safe workplaces throughout the entire supply chain. The checks are undertaken throughout design, pattern making, cut, make, trim and dispatch, including all value adding services.


It is well documented that in the local industry many of the workers are not aware of their rights and entitlements and that many businesses utilise highly fragmented supply chains and outsource part of their making to homeworkers or outworkers; people who are working from their homes.


By getting accredited you are demonstrating that value the people who make your products because it means that no matter where they work, or where they work in the supply chain, you have had third-party checks undertaken to ensure compliance with the relevant Australian workplace laws.


By being accredited you are contributing to a stronger, more ethical industry in Australia. In addition to being able to demonstrate that you are doing the right thing, there are a range of benefits that come from being accredited.

The Benefits
Connect With Customers



Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA®) accreditation gives you a competitive edge because it allows you to demonstrate, independent third-party assurance direct to your customers.
Once compliant you can use the ECA certification trade mark on your Australian made textile, clothing and footwear products and in a range of other promotional formats.


ECA will also promote your business via its website and social media accounts, and it will advocate on behalf of accredited businesses at industry and public events and forums.




Demonstrate to Government and Other Purchasers that Your Business Has a Legally Compliant Supply Chain



Just because a product is made in Australia, it does not mean that it has been made the right way.


ECA accreditation allows you to demonstrate your compliance directly to potential customers and purchasers through the use of ECA’s certification trade mark. It sets you apart from your competitors.


Research has found that accredited labelling can have a positive influence on the consumer at the point of sale reminding consumers of the ethical concerns involved in clothing production, as they are making a purchase decision.


In addition, ECA advocates on behalf of accredited businesses for procurement policies and guidelines that support the purchase of locally and ethically made textile, clothing and footwear products.

Show Your Products are Made in Australia



ECA’s accreditation program is only focussed on textile, clothing and footwear products made in Australia.


A major benefit of accreditation is the use of the certification trade mark that allows customers to know that the textile, clothing or footwear that they are purchasing has been manufactured locally in Australia.


You can use the trade mark in a variety of formats and ways to promote the fact that your accreditation relates to your Australian made products.




Promote Your Ethical Production



In a highly competitive textile, clothing and footwear industry, customers have access to products at any price point and they can be overwhelmed with choice.Being ECA accredited gives you the opportunity to differentiate your business and appeal to a growing ethical customer base.


You can add value to your business story by sharing and celebrating your relationships with your local makers and suppliers; showing your support for local manufacturing, and talking about your commitment to ethical production.Accreditation gives you credibility.

Receive Industry Training and Education



When it comes to Australian labour laws, businesses need to ensure they are up to date with their obligations.


As part of the accreditation process, you will also work collaboratively with Compliance Officers from the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia and be guided through your responsibilities.


Any issues identified throughout your supply chain will be addressed in a timely and collaborative manner, ensuring the process is an educational one.


To make things simpler for you and your business, various resources have been developed by ECA to assist you in understanding and navigating your legal obligations. These tools and information kits are regularly updated to ensure information is accurate and reflective of current legislation.


ECA also hosts regular information sessions to provide opportunity for an open discussion and further education with accredited businesses.

Connect with Local Manufacturers



Where possible, ECA tries to assist accredited businesses with their manufacturing relationships.


Being part of the ECA community means it can be easier to find local manufacturers or value adders that will meet your needs.


If you are a manufacturer yourself, you will also be promoted to potential clients looking for new suppliers. It’s a win-win!




Manage Risks and Protect your Business



ECA assists you in managing the risks associated with supply chain, particularly if you are outsourcing.


Not only is there great value in third-party compliance and supply chain management for the textile, clothing and footwear workers, it can also be used to manage brand reputational risk as the public interest in unethical business practices continues to increase.


Customer trust needs to be nurtured and businesses should not underestimate how damaging reputational issues can be when exposed.

Be Part of a Growing Community



You can join the ECA community which is a vibrant and innovative group of brands and manufacturers committed to producing locally under ethical conditions. Together we can promote Australian industry and share the positive stories of those maintaining local jobs, developing local skills and making quality products.


Being a part of the ECA community means you will have the opportunity to discuss industry challenges and opportunities, including scope for collaboration and support.


Outside of accredited businesses, ECA work with like-minded industry groups, conscious customers, non-government organisations and unions all working towards a stronger and more accountable local TCF industry.


Working with ECA means more than simply receiving an accreditation; we are committed to strengthening and promoting the local textile, clothing and footwear industry.