Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA®) accreditation is a voluntary program designed to help businesses manufacturing their textiles, clothing and/or footwear in Australia navigate and demonstrate legal compliance, with their legal obligations to workers throughout their in-house operations or supply chain.

To begin your accreditation application process, download the forms below. Alternatively, see the Steps to Accreditation page for more information and contact details.


Application Forms And Information

Ethical Clothing Australia’s Code of Practice (Manufacturers Agreement)


When you apply for accreditation you are agreeing to comply with Ethical Clothing Australia’s Code of Practice, incorporating Homeworkers. The Code is an agreement that sets out the requirements and documentation necessary to become and remain accredited. It also includes a copy of our privacy statement.



Ethical Clothing Australia’s Fee and Manufacturing Form


In addition to signing the Code of Practice, you must complete ECA’s Fee and Manufacturing Form. Fees start from $320 + GST and are dependent on the size of your individual business’ manufacturing operations. If a business outsources any of its design, pattern making, cut, make, trim, dispatch or value-adding services it must list all contractors and/or homeworkers as part of this form. This form is to be completed with each application for reaccreditation and provides the information needed for us to contact your supply chain participants and arrange for an audit to be conducted.



Ethical Clothing Australia’s Accreditation Guidelines


Want to know more about how ECA accreditation works? Our guidelines provide a list of frequently asked questions and other information to help you understand the process, eligibility for accreditation, what’s involvedand a business’ responsibilities. To help businesses prepare for accreditation the guidelines also provide a detailed list of the documentation that will be required during the compliance audit.

Benefits of Accreditation

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