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RAW TO A T announcement

By 14 April 2022October 21st, 2022Announcements, Events

RAW TO A T announcement

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We are excited to announce that Ethical Clothing Australia will be exhibiting at ‘RAW TO A T’ in Melbourne next month!

The conference and sourcing event, which is run by RawAssembly, is a regenerative and circular sourcing event for the fashion and textiles sectors. It was created to increase the awareness of sustainable solutions and to drive forward new collaborations and opportunities for a regenerative future facing fashion industry in Australia.

‘RAW TO A T’ brings together a diverse range of stakeholders across the ecosystem to explore how, what and when the fashion industry can transform its current model of production and consumption to a system that better protects people and the planet.

Ethical Clothing Australia will be exhibiting 24-26 May 2022 on the industry-only days.

To learn more, head to the ‘RAW TO A T’ website.

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